A study in contrasts

I don’t “make” photographs, I take them, or at least that’s how I think of it. I see the photo, I shoot it. The contrasts here tickled me, so I grabbed a camera and a flash and captured the moment. (Click photo to enlarge.)

I call it “Juanita (95), Catherine (14).” Seems subtler than calling it “Old Age and Youth.”

This is a rare instance of a photo that I ran through Photoshop. In the original, the blank wall on the left takes up something closer to 60% of the width of the shot, in other words, there’s more white space between the nonagenarian and the teenager. I simply removed a small amount of the blank white space in order to make the two halves of the photo more nearly balanced. Does this slight editing – removal of empty space – mean that the resulting photo has been “made” and not “taken”? There’s a line somewhere, that separates corrective processing from creative editing. The small change I made here might be close to that line, but I don’t think it crosses it.

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