Perspective correction in Lightroom 3!

Sometimes my prayers are answered. I’ve been using the Lightroom 3 beta for months, but Lightroom 3 was just officially released, and I was overjoyed to discover that it includes perspective correction tools that weren’t there in the beta.

What’s perspective correction? Well, here’s a photo I took today in downtown Dallas, on the east side.

And here’s the same photo, after a little perspective correction on the vertical axis.

Makes a big difference, no?

Here’s the photo I was really after. Click to view it full size:

This panorama was actually created in Photoshop Elements 8, and then given final processing in Lightroom 3; so the perspectival correction in the pano was done in Photoshop. But it’s nice to know I can now fix single images in Lightroom 3 when I need to.


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