Don’t Say Cheese

I’m experimenting with a number of changes here. I’ve fiddled with the look over the last couple of months. Blogger gives me more control than I’m taking advantage of, but I like to keep things clean, and I also want to keep things simple for myself.

And now I’m playing with a new name: “Don’t say cheese.” I don’t tell my subjects to say cheese. I don’t even ask them to smile. Instead, I try to get them to smile without being asked. It gives better results.

And I try not to take cheesy photos, which in itself makes me something of a stand-out in the wedding photography biz.

On the downside: If you didn’t know that it was the title of a photography blog, would “Don’t say cheese” make you think of photography? Maybe, but I doubt it. Without a context, it sounds more like advice you would give to someone who was taking a quiz about French food.

So enjoy the new name while it lasts. Maybe it will stick. Maybe it won’t.

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