Introducing an outstanding wedding photographer in Tampa Bay: Booray Perry!

I’m pretty active in several online communities of photographers, getting help from others from time to time, and offering help from my own experience whenever I am able. Sometimes I get to know other photographers pretty well from exchanges online and I do often look behind the “avatar” at people’s work. There are more than a couple really good photographers out there.

Sometimes I even get a chance to talk personally with somebody whose work I like very much. That happened today with Tampa Bay wedding photographer Booray Perry. I won’t say a thing about the wonderful name; you can find out for yourself on his website:

Booray’s a real live wire. He used to be a radio disk jockey here in the Dallas area and I can testify that his personality comes through loud and clear, not just over the phone but also in his photos and on his very entertaining blog. Today I found his post on the creative challenge of photographing the bride’s shoes, which I both sympathized with and smiled at. Anyway, we had both been involved in a recent thread about wedding albums on, and we ended up chatting together about photography, business, and families. Like me, Booray thinks of himself as not just a wedding photographer but as a family photographer. I admire his work. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Tampa Bay (or for that matter, someone to shoot your son’s bar mitzvah, whatever), by all means browse the impressive online galleries over at his website.


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