Decisions, decisions

There’s a lot to like about WordPress, really. In particular I’m rather fond of the template I’ve adopted for this blog, which curiously is called “Hemingway.” Not sure why. Perhaps because Hemingway was dark. Or maybe it’s named after the template designer’s dog. Not sure.

Anyway, as I was saying, I’m liking WordPress, but… it’s not quite as “mostly free” as I said in my last post. I have to shell out a few bucks a year to map my own domain name ( to the blog’s location. And I just realized that if I don’t cough up another $30 a year, there will be ads on some of my pages. Tastefully placed ads, it seems. But ads. Not yet sure what I think of that.

I’ve looked again at my other options, including TypePad from the folks at Six Apart. But I don’t like TypePad’s user interface as much as WordPress’s, and I can’t find a template in TypePad that I like as much as this one, either. And in any case, TypePad ain’t free, neither.

I have 48 hours to change my mind about mapping my domain to WordPress. But at the moment, it’s a good bet that I’m going to stay here. And if the ads become a nuisance, I’ll slip them a couple bills and the ads will go away.


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