Looking for a really good photographer in Stevens Point, Wisconsin?

Actually, I wasn’t. I was standing in a field near Alum Creek in Yellowstone National Park photographing a mother grizzly and her two cubs.

But I overheard a young woman saying to someone that she was a wedding photographer and then going on to explain the very thing that I was thinking to myself, which was pretty close to We don’t really have the right hardware for this job, because we’re used to measuring the distance to our subjects in feet, not football fields. I noticed that the young woman was shooting with a Nikon DSLR and a telephoto lens similar to the lens I myself would have been using had I not decided to bring little cameras instead. In short, I was instantly curious about how her photos were going to turn out. So introduced myself. Well, actually, I didn’t introduce myself, I’m embarrassed to say. Instead, I explained that I do weddings, too, and that I would love to see how her photos came out. So I gave her the only card I had on me, she very graciously took it, and shortly after that, I had to say goodbye.

To my delight, a few days later—in fact, before I had made it back to Dallas—I heard from her. She was, er, she is Jen Lazarski, and she hails from Stevens Point, Wisconsin. She kindly shared a link to her family vacation photos, which I quite enjoyed, not least because she and her husband had seen many of the same things my wife and I had seen. When I got home I sent her a link to my vacation photos and we compared notes. I think most people think photography is photography. Not true! I’ve shot some wild parties but real wildlife, well, that’s something different.

Next thing you know, I’ve moved from her personal photos to her professional web site and I’m admiring the woman’s work. Wow, this is good stuff! And she’s blogging too. Here’s a beautiful recent shot of a beautiful little girl named Lyra, featured on Jen’s blog on May 23, 2010:

(Copyright (c) 2010, Jen Lazarski)

We’ve exchanged a couple more emails and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a little more about her. It was a blessing to run into such a talented photographer in the middle of the semi-wilderness of Yellowstone and a pleasure to get to know her and her work. I recommend her to you, too. If you’re looking for a photographer in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and environs (Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Minneapolis-St Paul, etc), by all means, check out her web site.

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