Another facelift

Yeah, I changed the blog’s theme. Again.

I really liked the previous theme (Hemingway), except for two things—and they were two fairly big things.

First, the main blog page didn’t actually show posts, rather, it just showed a teaser, for two posts, and readers had to click through to the posts. As a result, I’m pretty sure my readers were discouraged. What can I say. You guys are apparently pretty lazy.

The other problem was that, in the white-page, dark-text version of Hemingway that I was using, the dark text was not very dark. It was, in fact, kind of light gray and very small. On my old eyes it was simply hard to read. I could have fixed it by editing the CSS. But WordPress charges me if I want a custom stylesheet. What can I say. I’m cheap.

So that was that. Say hello to the new theme, “Under the Influence.” God only knows how long this one will last, although at the moment I rather like it.


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