Photographer spotlight: Hampton Roads wedding photographer, John Cachero

Well, this networking thing is turning out to be a lot of fun. Booray Perry, who I featured earlier here, has introduced me to a fine wedding photographer in Hampton Roads, Virginia, John Cachero.

Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer John Cachero

Hampton Roads is in Virginia, near Norfolk and Virginia Beach in the southeast part of the state. Years ago, Joan and I drove through there a number of times as we traveled from our home in Boston to the Porter family summer cottage in Kure Beach, North Carolina. I think that whole stretch of coastline is among the country’s most beautiful spots. Apparently it inspires romance, too, because John seems to be pretty busy with engagements, weddings, and baby portraits. Here’s a shot of his that I like very much:

Photographer John Cachero: Newlyweds about to walk across the bridge of life

The photo is technically very good but what I really like is the composition. The beautiful young bride looks back over her shoulder to say goodbye to her old family and friends, while her adoring husband holds the umbrella—there are rainy days in marriage!—and prepares to guide them both over the somewhat iffy-looking bridge of life. When you can pack all of this into a photo on a rainy day, you’ve got a winner. And gosh, I wish more of my grooms wore white! Solves a lot of exposure problems for the photographer, and after all, what could be more important?

I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding a bit with John and spent time lately reading his blog. Well, John lets his photos do most of the talking. Here’s another one of my favorites:


Reminds that that I need to get in tighter more often. This a beautifully composed photo that writes its own caption: “I love you.”

Actually, John, like both Booray and me, is a versatile photographer who does weddings, portraits of various types, and some freelance work. Here’s a classic engagement shot, very nicely done:

Engagement photo by John Cachero

It takes skill to make it look this easy. Anyway, if you’re in the Hampton Roads area and looking for a photographer, check out John’s web site and then give him a shout.


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