Jackson’s shot of Ruby’s shooting of Oswald, who shot JFK

Got an email this morning from Ben Breard, proprietor of the great After Image photo gallery here in Dallas, announcing that he has acquired and is selling a print of Bob Jackson’s Pulitzer Prize-winner photo, taken November 24, 1963, of Jack Ruby shooting and killing Lee Harvey Oswald.


Ruby shoots Oswald
November 24, 1963: Jack Ruby shoots Lee Harvey Oswald. Photo by Bob Jackson.

I blogged about this photo (kind of) back in April, in a post titled “You miss more than you hit“. You can read more about Jackson and the photo here.

Breard says that the print, probably made by Jackson himself, is very well done. Technical details of the print allow it to be dated fairly well. It’s being offered at a price of $3000. If I had $3000 lying around gathering dust, I’d be down at After Image right now, instead of blogging about this.


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