A new me for Facebook

Facebook is wonderful and all that, but there are some odd things about it. If you have a business page—as I do for William Porter Photography—there has to be a personal page behind it. Okay so far. The access privileges for the two accounts don’t have to be the same, either, which is good. I can put photos up on my personal page (for my family and friends to see) and I can put photos up on my WPP page (for my clients to see).

The problem is, I can’t tag the client photos unless they are “friends” of my personal account. Merely “liking” the WPP page doesn’t count. Facebook user A has to be “friends” with B in order for B to tag A in a photo, and you can’t “friend” a business page. Personally I think some programmer was hung over when they came up with this rule.

Another pro photographer on photo.net, Anne Lawrence (who is a fellow Texan and also a fellow Zenfolio.com user) suggested what seems to be the solution to this problem: create another personal account just for me, the photographer. And that’s what I’ve done. There is now a new personal account for “William Porter” that my photography clients can use to “friend” me — me, the photographer. And since this new account exists for the sole purpose of being an admin of the photography page, you won’t have to get posts about me, the dad, brother, cousin, etc. And best of all, if you friend the new me, I’ll be able to tag your photos. It’s a crazy idea, but it just might work. Thanks, Anne.

Anyway, you can friend me (the photographer) by searching in Facebook’s search field for the special email address: fb@william-porter.net.

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