Da nobis hodie cotidianum panem…

Today Daily Shoot suggests a photo with a calendar theme. it’s funny, we have several calendars hanging in our pantry, but I seldom look at them. This is a Chinese calendar that we got from one of our favorite calendars, probably last Christmas time.

The pantry is small and dark, so the photo was harder to take than you might expect. The Sony A580’s pop-up flash is acting as controller for the Metz 48AF in wireless (optical slave) mode; the Metz is sitting inside the pantry, way up to the left. You can see that the top of the picture is brightest, although I hope this doesn’t seem unnatural. That’s where the pantry light is, up on the ceiling.

I tried several shots inside the pantry. That was a very tight fit, as the pantry is not much larger than a phone booth. (You can see about half of the pantry in this picture.) Standing inside the pantry, I was getting in the way of the light. So I stepped outside. To get this angle I had to lean way over the stove (off camera, down and to the left) and shoot through the pantry door. I’ve cropped the door frame out. But it worked, I think.

Since neither Lightroom nor DxO Optics Pro yet supports the Sony A580’s raw files, this was shot as jpeg. Processed in DxO OP.


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