Dallas, November 22, and a dedicated photographer

Sometimes cameras don’t die: They get sold to photographers who will continue to love them. Earlier this year, I sold my Pentax K20D to Bryan Amann, a photographer who has a truly remarkable eye for Dallas places. Bryan’s work really demonstrates that, if you pick a subject and stick with it, and of course, if you have talent, you can achieve impressive results. I sometimes fail to see how interesting Dallas is, but Bryan’s interest in Dallas seems unfailing and his photos grow out of that interest.

His Picasa Web Albums contain quite a few stunning photos of the Dallas scene, but I want to mention today this little photo essay about the Kennedy assassination. It is delightful and informative, and a couple of the photos at least were taken with the camera I sold to Bryan. I feel very happy for the camera to have such a good new owner.

Dallas Greyhound bus depo
Photo by Bryan Amann.

Addendum. Made a typo in the original title; typed “23” when I should have typed “22.” As a result the URL for this post is a day off. I’ve fixed the title and I’m hoping nobody will be too offended if I leave the typo in the url.


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