Vindication: Desktop vs Laptop

For several years (roughly 2007-2009 and into 2010), I used an excellent Dell laptop (Latitude D820) as my primary computer for editing photos. It had a high-res (1600×1050), non-glossy screen, and I kept the screen calibrated. Sometimes I’d attach a second monitor, but often I would not. As I have several other computers, I generally tested color and detail by viewing on other computers, and then (the acid test) by printing. It worked okay, but I knew that it had many limitations. And so I resolved that, when it was time to replace the laptop, I was going to a desktop machine.

The time came in the late summer when my laptop started showing its age. I very nearly purchased a desktop running Windows 7 and I’m sure that would have been fine. But because I write regularly for Macworld, it made more sense for me to buy a new computer running the Mac OS. So I bought an iMac. I’ve been happy with my purchase, and I’m even happier with it now that I also have an iPad.

Today I ran across an article by guest-blogger Ctein over at The Online Photographer that lays out precisely the thought process that I myself went through and comes to precisely the same conclusion. I didn’t need any reassurance but it’s nice to have anyway.


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