Imagination trumps everything

I went out on a little photo-reconnaissance lately in near East Dallas and my daughter Catherine came along with me. I had the Sony A580; she, the Panasonic Lumix LX3. I’ve long wanted to stop and take a photo of a beautiful, whimsical sculpture right near the edge of downtown (near Woodall Rogers and Swiss) and so we stopped and took some shots. I was doing my little technical thing, thinking about the ways that the afternoon sun was hitting the metal sculpture and how to handle specular reflections, thinking about how to minimize distracting backgrounds, and so on. After a few exploratory shots, I got this:

Big robot

I’m not unhappy with it. Actually I rather like it.

But i like my daughter’s photo even better.

As I write this late at night, Catherine has not seen her photos yet. She went to bed a while ago and I just finished processing the photos from the shoot. But she told me at the time that she had tried to take a photo that made it look as if the statue was striding across downtown. She succeeded. And it’s a nice photo. I simply looked at the statue until I saw an angle that caught my eye. Catherine on the other hand imagined the photo she wanted, and then took it. Imagination trumps everything.


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