Jeff Bridges and True Grit

Well, this is cool. Actor Jeff Bridges is also a photographer, and a pretty good one; this much I knew. He likes to use a very special panoramic camera called a Widelux. I don’t use a Widelux but I do very much like panoramas, so I feel a small kinship with the guy. In addition, I am a huge fan of the movies of the Coen Brothers, and I loved True Grit, in which Bridges plays a starring role. With me so far?

So I was tickled today when I launched the App Store on my iPad and discovered that there’s a True Grit app, and it’s free. Even better than free, it’s rather cool.

Cover of Jeff Bridges True Grit album for the iPad
Cover of Jeff Bridges’ True Grit album for the iPad

What I want to know is, how was this done? I guess I could try writing Mr Bridges and asking but I expect some clever programmer associated with the Coen Brothers’s marketing staff is responsible for it. Anyway, it’s pretty neat. If you have an iPad, check it out. If you like photography, well, some of the photos are rather nice. And of course, if you love movies, see True Grit.

A page from Jeff Bridges's iPad app
Jeff Bridges’ photo of the Bear Man from True Grit.
If you’ve seen the movie, you will absolutely remember this character!

Postscript (day later): We went and saw True Grit again yesterday. I enjoyed it even more than I did the first time. I wondered originally, before I saw it for the first time, why the Coen Brothers bothered to remake a film that was tied so famously to John Wayne. Seems pretty audacious. Well, it was audacious, but the Coen Brothers did it because they knew they could make a better film. A much, much better film. Is it the best film of 2010? Could be….

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