F/8 and be there…

This is cool, very cool:


I understand it’s a Tumblr blog devoted to interesting photos taken by Google’s street view camera. The photos aren’t works of art but some of them really are interesting. And the collection makes a point. There’s interesting stuff to photograph just about everywhere.

A Google street camera photo, shared on 9-eyes.com.

There’s an old saying in photography: “F/8 and be there.” Or “F/11…” Whatever. F/8 (and f/11) are aperture settings that provide for good depth of field, making precise focus less important; the idea here is, “Be ready to shoot without hesitation” But the important part of the saying is “be there.” To take a photo, you have to be there.

And where is “there”? Very often, it isn’t “here.” Often “there” is a destination I have to travel to — the Grand Canyon, or Yellowstone National Park, or Rome. But it doesn’t have to be far away. There can be here, or close to here. That’s why I carry a camera with me almost every where I go. Of course, I tend to go to the same fairly boring places over and over. The 9-eyes site reminds me I need to get out of my neighborhood more.


By the way, for my review of Tumblr, go here. I liked it.


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