Meet the mayoral candidates

We’ve got a mayoral election coming up here in Dallas (March 14). The candidates were invited to attend a luncheon at the Lakewood Country Club sponsored by the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce, and East Dallas Times editor Bruce Felps asked me to take a few photos. So I did. You can read about it on the East Dallas Times’ WordPress web site, here.

I got there a few minutes early and hung around for about 90 minutes, taking photos as the candidates arrived, schmoozed with the guests, and afterwards as the luncheon got underway. But I didn’t stay for their individual presentations or for the Q&A, so I still haven’t made up my mind who to vote for. Edward Okpa seemed very genuine to me, and I might vote for him based on that and what I heard of his life story. But my impression is that Okpa is a real long shot and I like for my vote to have a chance to make its small difference, so I’m still looking at the other three guys, too. Need to make my mind up soon!
Dallas mayoral candidate Edward Okpa (left) schmoozes with guests at the Lakewood Country Club

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