Photography and the iPad 2

Excellent overview of the iPad and photography over at

Most of what the authors say could apply to the iPad 1 as well as 2.

At the moment the iPad seems most useful as convenient way of showing photos to clients (or friends or family). My big iMac’s display is even better, but obviously I can’t lug my iMac out to a coffee shop for a meeting with a client, while an iPad is even more portable than a laptop computer.

I have not heard anything official about this but it seems likely that Apple will eventually (sooner rather than later?) release Aperture for the iPad. And that may be a game changer. I have Aperture 3 on my iMac but I use Lightroom 3 for 99% of my work because, well, the user interface in Aperture is simply too disorganized for me. Lightroom makes much more sense to me and I find it much easier to use. However, I’d be willing to bet that, if Apple rewrites Aperture for the iPad, they will have to fix some of the UI problems, and the result might be an iPad app that is capable of editing photos in a fairly serious way. Anyway, I’m hoping this happens and looking forward to it. In the meantime, I’ll use the iPad mainly for viewing photos.


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