Restoring a very old photo (with a free moral)

Wow, this is impressive.

The commentary by Bob Rosinsky of Top Dog Photography is detailed and quite interesting. I don’t do this sort of thing. Well, when my brother-in-law and I worked on a movie almost seven years ago for my mother-in-law’s ninetieth anniversary, we had a lot of old photos to go through and I cleaned up a few of them, but that was child’s play compared to what Rosinsky did with this nineteenth-century photo.

I wonder if this sort of thing will be possible for photos taken today, say, 150 years from now. I doubt it. The tintype that Rosinsky worked on didn’t require either hardware or software format conversion, at least no conversion was necessary for the photo simply to be viewed. It could be viewed with the “naked eye.” Digital photos, not so much. Rosinsky’s client brought him a 150-year old tintype and he was instantly able to see the image and quickly assess the amount of work that the restoration would require. If 150 years from now, one of your great-great-grandchildren finds a box of CDs in the attic and takes them to a photo restoration service, the expert is likely to look at the disc and ask what it is. Forget about 150 years. That might happen in 15 years. Moral: Make prints!

(Hat tip: TOP, as so often….)


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