What’s up with Facebook? It’s getting worse

In response to the threat posed by Google+, Facebook seems to have decided to get WORSE rather than better. Seems like a risky strategy to me.

I uploaded some photos today to my personal Facebook page, my “wall”. (That’s a term I’ve never understood.) The first problem is that the photos looked awful in Facebook. I uploaded them directly from within Lightroom 3.5. Perhaps it’s necessary to adjust the photos to some particular resolution before uploading — but I don’t have to do that with any of the other photo sharing sites I use or have used (Zenfolio, Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, etc.). I have read that Facebook is the largest photo sharing site in the world. Amazing then that it’s so awful in this regard.

So I deleted the album on Facebook, and uploaded the photos instead to Picasa Web Albums. Then I went back to Facebook to create a post letting my friends know where I’d moved the photos. There used to be a button labeled something like “Add a link” that you could use to add a link to an external page. It’s gone. The only way I can see to add a link is to paste the link right into the text field where I’m writing my little message. But I don’t want the link to stay in the text area, so after pasting it, once Facebook recognizes the link and adds it below my text, I have to select the link that I pasted and delete it from the text area. Bizarre.

And finally, I couldn’t figure out how to DELETE a post while I was editing it. I could have just closed the window without saving the post, but then I have to open a new window or tab in my browser and go to Facebook again. So instead I saved the post, thinking I would quickly delete it. But after the post appeared, I realized I couldn’t see how to delete it. There used to be an “x” button that would appear whenever my pointer hovered over a post of mine, but no longer. Eventually I found the “remove this post” command — in the pop-down used to select that group to share stuff with.

I’m starting to dislike Facebook. Google+ is easier to use in every way and Picasa Web Albums is vastly superior to Facebook as a photo-sharing service.

Here’s an example of the problem I see with Facebook’s display of photos. This isn’t a technically good photo to start with, but that just means it’s about like 99% of the other photos posted on Facebook. Here is a screen capture of the photo as viewed on my iMac, in Google Chrome, as displayed on Picasa Web Albums:

And here is the same  photo as viewed on Facebook:

The difference is pretty dramatic. You can click on the photos to view them larger (original size).


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