Memorial Day: Todd Heisler and Jim Cathey

Photography is about remembrance and today is Memorial Day. I don’t have a photo of my own to offer or any special thoughts of my own, but I do want to urge you to click through to this excellent article by Lily Burana about a couple great photos by Todd Heisler (Rocky Mountain News) taken for a story about a fallen hero, Second Lieutenant Jim Cathey. Even if you don’t read this until September, for the good of your own soul, click the link and take a look. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a handkerchief handy.

As Memorial Day Nears, A Single Image That Continues to Haunt” (New York Times)

Heisler’s photos won first and second place in the Picture of the Year International competition (Newspaper Division/General Reporting). They’re both great photos.

And you might want to click over to the Travis Manion Foundation website, while you’re at it.


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