Update on to-do lists

Back in December, I wrote a little post about two easy-to-use but very capable to-do list apps, Todoist and Reminders. I reached the tentative conclusion that Reminders worked better for me because I could share lists. I still think this is a very valuable feature.

But… I’m rethinking things.

Earlier I overlooked something that I now think is very important: Todoist can show me a single list of all of my current tasks, Reminders can’t. In fact, Todoist can show all open tasks, grouped by project; or all current priority 1 tasks (regardless of project); etc. This makes it much easier for me to triage my tasks. Reminders can’t do this.

It also occurred to me that, since Reminders comes with the Mac OS and is free, I can use it for shared projects (like the upcoming wedding of another daughter!) and use Todoist for all my personal tasks, the ones I don’t need to share.

So I’m back to using Todoist for most of my task management. Try it yourself; you might like it.

ADDENDUM a date later (3/6/13): Forget about both this post and the previous one and instead check out Wunderlist2. So long to both Todoist and Reminders! 

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