Recommendation: Kampai Japanese Restaurant, Addison, Texas

I almost have my thoughts together about Texas School of Professional Photography, which I attended two weeks. But I want mention Kampai Sushi & Grill restaurant in Addison. I ate lunch there on Thursday with some folks from our class who were real sushi mavens and they loved it. I’m not a real big fan of sushi but I ordered the Triple Delight bento box and loved it. It had shrimp tempura, California rolls, rice, salad, and some sort of stir-fried beef with (I think) sesame seeds. It was delicious. The teacher of my Texas School class, master photographer Joe Glyda, seemed to be the most discriminating sushi palette among us. He insisted I try a piece of real sushi, so I did, and I loved it. Not exactly sure what was in it; I am pretty sure he mentioned eel. Well, what can I say: It was darned tasty.

And of course, having a camera with me and a nice 50 f/1.4 lens that the rep from Sigma had lent me, I had to take a picture of one of the beautiful masks on the wall of Kampai — after getting permission from the very friendly manager, naturally!

On the wall at Kampai Sushi & Grill, Addison, Texas.

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