A fun couple: Anne and Ryan

I’m incredibly behind on my blogging. I’ve got a couple weddings, a couple bridal sessions, and a ton of other stuff to catch up on. But it’ll have to wait. In the meantime, here are some photos from today’s session with Anne and Ryan. The photos were taken at and around the Bath House & Cultural Center at White Rock Lake in Dallas.

Here’s a shot of the whole porch behind the Bath House.

20130604 DSC07975 Ap (1)

Then we got down to business. Okay, not exactly business….

20130604 DSC08009 Ap

Have to hand it to Anne and Ryan. I basically suggested that they move over to the binoculars and they largely took it from there.

20130604 DSC08016 Ap

Once Anne got warmed up, it was hard to cool her down.

20130604 DSC08002 Ap

Finally, we stepped away from the Bath House (just a few feet) and took a few shots in the White Rock Lake park.

20130604 DSC08042 Ap (1)

This is the first engagement/couple’s shoot I’ve done at the Bath House in about two years and I enjoyed revisiting this lovely spot near my home with this great couple!


2 comments on “A fun couple: Anne and Ryan

  1. Awesome pictures! They are such a cute couple. I love how Anne has fun with getting her picture taken. It’s usually a little scary for me. She’s adorable! Kind of crazy about him too. Thanks Will. Look forward to seeing y’all in a few more days. Glyn

  2. Wonderful, wonderful. Their personalities really come through. Thank you Will. Since I won’t get to attend the wedding, I’m especially grateful for your photographs. Best of luck to you all during this exciting countdown, though I’m sure you won’t need it. Love, Angela

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