Anatomy of a bridal portrait: Anne

All brides are beautiful, but not all brides are models. Take Anne, for example. Beautiful, yes, but, like most normal people, not completely at ease in front of the camera. Anne is a young doctor specializing in OB/GYN and a take-charge sort of person, able to deal with the pressure of babies being born—the kinds of pressures we don’t feel very often in the studio. But she was determined to get over her camera-shyness and help me get it right, and we did. Here’s a little “anatomy” of her second portrait session—showing the final shot and some of the other shots I took along the way. Anne did great in the first, earlier session but we were in a hurry at the time, the dress hadn’t yet received its final minor alterations, and I wasn’t happy with my choice of backdrop. So we found time for a do-over a few days before the wedding.

This is a version of the final portrait that we printed and displayed at the wedding last weekend:

20130605 DSC08128 Ap (1)

Things started out much more informally. Here we’re just trying to relax and get the light right. I left this shot only partially processed so you can compare it to the other shots and get an idea what gets done on the computer:

20130605 DSC08105 Ap

Now we’re getting ready to pose.

20130605 DSC08124 Ap

Okay, posing is hard work and sometimes you just have to close your eyes and relax.

20130605 DSC08104 Ap

And then something seemed funny. Anne’s sisters loved this photo: this is the girl they know best.

Anne Porter McMahon

Actually, I had forgotten the shoes and they’re not part of the final, formal portrait, but they’re too pretty to skip completely.

20130605 DSC08114 Ap

But eventually we got serious. First, the la-di-da pose, which Anne pulls off pretty well:

20130605 DSC08089 Ap

But not as well as the classic blushing bride pose. This is a different treatment of the same photo I showed you first. I haven’t decided which version I prefer.

20130605 DSC08128 Ap (2)

And finally, a quick shot without artificial light in San Antonio’s historic St Anthony hotel (opened in 1909), just before heading to the wedding.

20130608 DSC08170 Ap

Such a beautiful, beautiful bride! Of course, I may be prejudiced, as I hope to be getting a Father’s Day greeting from Anne next weekend.


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