It’s the artist, not the tool

Remarkable story about Hal Lasko, a 97-year old guy who makes beautiful art with the Microsoft Paint app from Windows 95.

Microsoft Painting by Hal Lasko
Artist: Hal Lasko

I’d call his style techno-pointillism, but whatever you call it, the pictures are pretty. Reminds me of what is probably the most famous bit-mapped drawing ever, Susan Kare’s Japanese Lady, which was made in the original Macpaint app and used to help sell the Mac in 1984 and afterwards.
Anybody can learn to use one of these bitmap paint programs in about two minutes. But very few people ever use them to make something beautiful like Lasko’s or Kare’s drawings. Their work provides a dramatic demonstration that it’s not the tool that matters, it’s the artist using the tool.
It’s not quite the same thing, but check out also this article about the kids who are formed an orchestra with instruments made from junk from a landfill.


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