Recommended: Kenneth Tanaka, "Lest we forget"

Excellent short post at Mike Johnston’s The Online Photographer by occasional guest blogger Kenneth Tanaka: “Lest we forget.” A death in the family reminded him — as it reminds us all — of the real, fundamental reason that we take photographs.

… I suggest that today would be a good time to take pictures of the important souls in your world if you don’t routinely do so. PRINT the pictures, the good and the “bad,” and put them in a safe place. I can almost guarantee that one day they will become the most valuable pictures in your collection.

Read the whole thing.

To show that I try to practice what Tanaka is preaching, and lest I myself forget, here’s a snap of my mother-in-law, whom we all called “Grandmother”, and my wife, Joan. This was taken at a concert at the Dallas Arboretum in the summer of 2010, a little more than a year before her death. She was ninety-five at the time of the photo; she was ninety-seven when she died. Had she lived she would have been ninety-nine this month, which may be why she’s on my mind. I have more formal photos of her, but this is one of my favorites and it’s this one that hangs on a wall in our house. R.I.P, Grandmother.


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