Blog recommendation for bird lovers: Birdspot

Tonight, Joan and I watched a lovely little one-hour film on Netflix: Birders, The Central Park Effect.  We enjoyed this movie and if you like birds, you may, too.

I started my career as a very bad birdwatcher way back in college, and Joan and I have been bad birdwatchers together for decades. A bad birdwatcher is one who loves seeing birds, who owns and occasionally reads books about birds, and who goes out on bird-watching trips a couple times a year — but who doesn’t ever seem to retain much info about birds. Basically, we’re bird watchers but we’re not compulsive enough to get good at it. I have enjoyed photographing birds, but to be good at that requires more patience than I have.

But I’m posting not really to recommend the movie, so much as to recommend the blog of one of the people interviewed in the film, Catherine Hamilton. Hamilton is a stunningly gifted artist who draws and paints birds. I want to recommend her blog, Birdspot. It very well may be the most beautiful blog I’ve ever seen. If you like birds, absolutely check it out. But even if you don’t care about birds, if you’re a human being who likes beauty, give it a look.

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