Memory of an afternoon

I was going through old photos in Lightroom looking for something else, and came across this pic I don’t think I’ve ever posted anywhere. I would title it “Memory of an afternoon.”
Taken with Sony A580 on an afternoon drive down towards Waxahachie to look for wildflowers, in April 2011. Processed in Lightroom with help from Google/Nik Analog Efex. 

I’m never sure what I think about using filter effects. The one thing I’m sure about is, filters can’t help an intrinsically worthless photo. But I like this shot. Here it is, processed more simply in Lightroom 5.

I like that too but comparing it to the more aggressively “art-ified” earlier version makes me ask myself, what do I want from a photo like this? If you muss the photo a bit, but in the process, give it a little more emotional punch — by adding the fake aged effect — is that wrong?

Here’s another photo, giving you an idea how busy it was out there in the middle of nowhere. I’m going to call it, “These memories, too, will fade.”

“These memories too will fade.”

 Finally, this shot. Unfortunately, it really needs to be seen big, bigger than Blogger will permit.


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